11 Best Ramadan Gift Ideas in 2019 For Muslims

gifts to give in ramadan

The whole purpose behind the holy month of Ramadan is to earn as much rewards from the Almighty as we can. We cannot just focus on keeping our fasts without practicing good deeds and expect to be forgiven. In order to make the best out of this blessed month, practicing the spirit of serving the humanity is an essential element.

The humanity can be served in best ways by only focusing on smallest of your actions that can make people happy. Exchanging gifts can be one of those good deed too. It is a sunnah which spread smiles on the faces of your loved ones and has the double benefits for your good deeds’ record book.

The most difficult thing, however, is to decide as the Ramadan gifts. Here are some of the most practical Ramadan gifts ideas to present to your loves ones this year.

  • Prayer Mats

Nothing is as much needed and revered in the home of Muslims especially during the month of Ramadan as a prayers Mat. A beautiful and well packed prayer mat of even its whole set can make the best gift for this month and even afterwards. This is a sadqah-e-jariya too since the one who gifts a prayer mat will keep on getting the reward as long as it is in use.

  • Tasbeeh

In order to keep the soul of this month alive, Dhikar is a necessity and, therefore, a tasbeeh is the perfect gift for this month for your loved ones. Anyone can find beautiful and easily affordable tasbeehs anywhere during Ramadan and present their loves ones with them.

  • Gowns and Wraps

These wears can be the best of all the Ramzan gift ideas for the women who always love receiving gifts. In Ramadan, more visits to the mosques become a necessity and so do the need of covering yourselves modestly. Muslim women usually run out of the new covering garments during the hot Ramadan month therefore gifting them with these can be much appreciated.

  • Ittars (perfumes)

For the people who avoid using alcoholic perfumes during Ramadan, Ittars make the best gifts. Being alcohol free and also pleasantly smelling, Ittars become a perfect replacement for perfumes for Muslims. They can be gifted to anyone during Ramadan and even afterwards. Ittars can be specially be gifted to men because stronger smells suit them more as compared to women.

  • Bateel Bouquets

If you cannot think of any other Ramadan present Ideas, these bouquets can be your first stop. Bateel bouquets are made up of perfect metallic boxes with either chocolates of your choice or dates of various kinds in them. you can even customize these boxes and add nuts, juices, other spices in them which may be used by the people in iftars.

  • Fragrant Flowers

Who does not love flowers and especially in Ramadan, the blessed month in which every home is cleaned more than usual. This blessed month and its holiness make it a perfect time to present your loved ones with fresh flowers. Flowers of various color not only make our houses look beautiful but also hold special value for us Muslims because our beloved Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) likes them a lot. For the Muslims in non-Muslim regions, these fresh flowers make the best gift in this month. However, many people can only use this idea to present the nearby houses with the flowers because flowers might die over long distances.

  • Candles Or Hanging Lamps

In various regions, Muslims lit traditional, fragrance giving candles in their houses on religious events and specially in Ramadan nights. These candles are, in many countries, replaced by hanging lamps with different colored lights being given out. These look beautiful and are also easily available in affordable prices to gift to your loved ones.

  • Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes and soft slippers are the biggest need of this month for anyone who goes out to the mosques and markets. People also prefer to go out for walks and go for taraweeh prayers on foot. Shoes can be the best gift for such people especially when they are comfortable and durable like a leather pair of sandals. This gift won’t just help them in this month but can come in handy after the blessed month has gone.

  • Dresses

During Ramadan, people also keep on preparing for Eid and gifting them with fancy dresses for Eid can make it easy for them. If you don’t know what they would like or hate, then a shopping gift card is the best option. Make sure to send the clothes at least 2 weeks before Eid so that the people can get them fitted and altered according to their requirements.

  • Supplication Books or Holy Quran

What else can be better than gifting your loved ones with something that can be used by them their entire lives. In any form, these religious books and The Book Of Light, The Holy Quran, can make the lives of people much better and can be an ultimate source of rewards for you too.  We suggest you to gift the digital forms of these books if possible, since they can make it easier for all the members of a home to hear the Holy prayers when being played in a loud voice.

  • Frozen Foods

Ramadan is also about eating and rejoicing and food items can be anyone’s perfect partner for this month. Gifting your loves ones with frozen foods and other such edibles can make their Ramadan easier and even more amazing. These can be of much benefit for the ladies who won’t have to work much harder during fasting to prepare all these items. Make sure you choose the perfect company to pick the items for eating since they are healthy and worth the taste too.

No matter whatever you gift to your loved ones, at the end it is only your inner sincerity that counts. Make sure you pick the best item and give it with a smile on your face.

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